Lost Souls

Murder on Moss Shuuta

Taking out Teemo's support

Hitting 4 locations simaltainusly (Casino, Wear house, Whorehouse & Bank) The crew of the Womp Rat have cleaned out most of Teemo’s accounts (Leaving only 41 credits in each)

The crew have decided to find out what went down on Kashyyyk!

Here was some info on last session

“Teeemo’s power comes from his ability to give people what they want.
He uses prostitutes and or Drugs to keep his enforcers loyal, if you can disrupt this “service” he provides the whole structure will be weakened

Recruiters/Drug dealers snatch people off the streets or find people down on their luck or too just addicted to the drugs to care and either send them to become prostitutes if they are pretty enough, Enforcers if there useful enough and the rest end up in the mines.

The prostitutes are run from a house in the south end of Moss shuuta and should be the easiest targets with the most impact on the enforcers, which in turn will make freeing slaves in the mines simpler and with the drugs supply cut off Teemo’s income will be hit very hard. making a cyber/slicing attack on the remaining “Legitimate” accounts even more devastating.

with Teemo’s income gone his most loyal lieutenants should be starting to feel the hurt and start to branch out on their own or best case turn against him. making your job easier."



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