Lost Souls

Email from Teemo to Thran

My dear friend Thran
Yes I have information of a group of individuals that would suit your needs.
If you need patsy’s for your Ryloth exercise I would be happy to give them to you, I’ll even waive my usual fee for letting someone kill my slaves, on the understanding that mine is the winning bid for the Ryill mining operation on Ryloth once you have used it (and them) for your propaganda?
The details are…
Pash – Human Pilot, very adept smuggler and something of a ladies man with family in very high places.
41-Vex – Droid slicer, doctor and mechanic with too many personality quirks to fully format (I understand some of the information is hundreds of years old).
Lowhhrick – Wookiee marauder arena fighter with rage issues and an uncanny knack for anticipating his rivals moves.
Oskara – Twi’lek bounty hunter, efficient killer not very useful as a comfort slave (unfortunately, as one of my clients found out the hard way)
Attached is all the data you could ever need for Bounty boards or news info.
<<pash.info>> <<oskara.info>> <<41-vex.info>> <<lowhhrick.info>>
They used to do a lot of work for me before they outlived their usefulness, attached is the footage of them in a fight with the Yiyar clan on the wheel (Why they were there or what they were doing eludes me now, but I obviously thought it important at the time) <<wheel_sec_cam-01>>

Obviously neither of us want to be publicly linked with each other in any way so I would have to arrange for them to be “Found” would you rather dead or alive?

Would you like for me to have them delivered to you or would “Rebel terrorists on the loose” serve your needs better?

And i understand the need for secrecy but why must we communicate via an intermediary, surely the more officers between you and I the more chance for exposure?
I look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.



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